Child Protection Law

In Connecticut, the State Department of Children and Families (DCF) is responsible for investigating and enforcing our state’s child protection laws.  The Juvenile Court in Connecticut handles a variety of specific issues to help protect the interest of juveniles.  The law firm of Maluszewski Law, LLC has completed all the required training for state-appointed child protection representations contracts through the Office of Chief Public Defender.  Maluszewski Law, LLC is experience with the with the procedures and processes of these courts and can proactively advocate for the best interest of our client. We represent children, biological parents, foster parents, and intervening family members. We also assist with out-of-court representation during DCF investigations. If you have any specific questions pertaining to juvenile delinquency or child protection matters, please contact us. All phone consultations are confidential.

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I highly recommend Attorney Maluszewski to anyone seeking legal assistance. She has been a friendly competent professional throughout our whole case.

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Attorney Maluszewski went well out of her way to accommodate my needs. The professionalism and speed in which my questions were addressed were second to none. Highly recommend!

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Attorney Maluszewski is an outstanding personal injury attorney. I was in a major motorcycle accident. Very satisfied with the results. Personal Injury Lawyer that gets justice for their client.

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