Family Law

Including: Dissolution, Paternity, Custody, Alimony, Child Support, Asset Distribution & Visitation

The goal of the firm is to assist its clients in reaching a fair and equitable resolution of their conflicts through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative practice and, when necessary, through zealous and diligent litigation.  Whatever the path, the firm stands beside you every step of the way. 

The Connecticut family law and divorce attorneys at Sheehan Watson & Maluszewski handle a number of family law matters, including all aspects of actions involving divorce, paternity, custody and grandparents seeking custody of their grandchildren.  We also handle many post-divorce matters such as modifications, which may include changes in support, parenting time, or custody, as well as contempt actions and relocation actions.

The law firm of Maluszewski Law, LLC practices collaborative law in resolving family centered disputes.  Collaborative law is a creative way to resolve disputes by empowering the parties to resolve their legal disputes without judges, magistrates or court personnel making decisions for them.  The process provides each party with specially trained collaborative lawyers to educate, support and guide each party in reaching balanced, respectful, and lasting agreements.  The process offers clients a safe and dignified environment to reduce conflict and minimize its impact on our clients, their children and their lives.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce vs. Conventional

A collaborative divorce can provide significant benefits for couples who choose that method. However, it may not be right for all couples. In Connecticut, a knowledgeable attorney can explain these benefits to parties considering a collaborative divorce.

A conventional divorce involves the court system resolving complicated issues and making final decisions regarding the children and property of the couple. There is a high risk of litigation in these cases, with drawn-out and costly legal proceedings adding weeks or even months to the process. A divorce could also end up eating into the savings both parties are striving for as time passes.

It is possible to avoid many of these problems through a collaborative divorce. The parties work out the main issues of their separation outside of the courtroom, since decisions are often made prior to filing a divorce petition. This process avoids much of the conflict that typically occurs in a courtroom setting, even though it does not require the parties to work out all details beforehand.

Attorney Maluszewski is dedicated to providing legal services tailored to the needs of her clients rather than prolonged litigation. Due to her first-hand experience with the expensive and dehumanizing nature of litigation, she schedules meetings in a law office in order to reduce long, public, and unproductive trips to the courthouse. As a means of reducing the trauma divorce can cause, she believes in the collaborative process.

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I highly recommend Attorney Maluszewski to anyone seeking legal assistance. She has been a friendly competent professional throughout our whole case.

Rebecca Stevens Family Law Client

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Attorney Maluszewski went well out of her way to accommodate my needs. The professionalism and speed in which my questions were addressed were second to none. Highly recommend!

Charlie Downey Personal Injury

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Attorney Maluszewski is an outstanding personal injury attorney. I was in a major motorcycle accident. Very satisfied with the results. Personal Injury Lawyer that gets justice for their client.

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