Probate Litigation Attorney CT

Probate Litigation

Maluszewski Law attorneys have decades of experience in dealing with various types of trust and probate litigation. Whether representing a beneficiary, a personal representative, trustee, or a creditor, our attorneys provide passion, dedication, and talent that give their clients the best chance for a successful outcome in probate litigation. The attorneys understand the impact that estate taxes have on trial and settlement decisions.

The various types of probate and trust litigation that our attorneys handle include:

Will contests
Trust contests
Creditor claims
Actions to construe wills
Breach of fiduciary duty and removal actions
Elective share
Fiduciary accounting disputes
Joint bank account litigation
Disputes concerning distribution of probate assets
Adversarial guardianships

What Our Clients Say

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I highly recommend Attorney Maluszewski to anyone seeking legal assistance. She has been a friendly competent professional throughout our whole case.

Rebecca Stevens Family Law Client

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Attorney Maluszewski went well out of her way to accommodate my needs. The professionalism and speed in which my questions were addressed were second to none. Highly recommend!

Charlie Downey Personal Injury

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Attorney Maluszewski is an outstanding personal injury attorney. I was in a major motorcycle accident. Very satisfied with the results. Personal Injury Lawyer that gets justice for their client.

Dennis Dawson Family Law Client